About Us

Paramount Capital was founded in January, 2020 to offer investors an alternative
investment using pooled funds that employs various strategies in order to maximize investor returns. The Paramount Fund is aggressively managed to make use of derivatives and leverage to generate higher returns.
Our main trading focus is, but not limited to, capitalizing on the risk/reward of trading individual equities and Exchange Traded Products (ETPs).

The Fund primarily seeks to maximize investor returns by taking long or short positions in individual equities as well as ETPs such as SOXL, TQQQ, VXX, and UVXY. We feel that by applying aggressive trading strategies based off of in-depth technical analysis of market volatility, the S&P500 Index, and an in-depth knowledge of S&P VIX Futures, we can generate high rates of capital return that surpass the majority of investment funds available on the market today.

Paramount Capital LLC
General Partner and Investment Manager
Robert DeAveiro, Chris Meek